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Play a warrior of your very own in a time before the books. A RP based off Erin Hunter's series.
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Some Stuff That You /MUST/ Read.
Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:31 pm by Kes
Ok, here are some very important things that you must read and post a reply to.

1.) Site Wide Plot
This has to get moving. Like no joke. So please, PLEASE start posting in the Gathering. (Topic found here.

There will be some staff changes. Some kicking down, and some bringing up. I'm sad to say, that as of right now, Minty will no longer be a mod. She will now be a …

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Comments: 5
COW Has Over Come A Huge Problem
Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:44 pm by Kes
So I was being all innocent in the WCC chat box when Kitty came on. My heart stopped when she told me something was up with the music player and that she couldn't log on. Me loving my site and wanting to fix the problem, I rushed to my precious site, only to find that she was right! The music player had basically taken over COW. No matter what URL you typed in, it would take it right back to the …

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Comments: 0
About the Music Player
Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:41 pm by Little
So, as you know, there's been a music player, as Kes said. She couldn't get to show up, and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out the problem (The player was in the wrong column and wouldn't show up) I fixed it. We soon realized that you could see the music player at the top, and we got excited. Then we noticed the large, black column at the left.
So, I am currently filling in that large …

[ Full reading ]
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Sitewide Plot #1
Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:54 pm by Cowpelt and Moofur
The first sitewide plot! Hurray for COW! This is Moofur speaking, and I'd like to introduce the first sitewide plot to you. So, cats from every Clan are being trained by the Dark Forest warriors to overthrow the leaders and Clans, slightly similar to the Battle of the Lake in recent-ish books. Not much is confirmed about this plot, though. I'll be talking to Cowpelt later for more on this, …

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 Traditionalism on COW

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PostSubject: Traditionalism on COW   Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:21 pm

A guide to help name your character traditionally.

How A Kit Should Be Named (Prefix)
A kit's name should be based strictly on appearance. But this does not include their eye color. A kit's eyes are closed when they are born. After a week, they open their eyes. Even then, it takes at least a month or two for their eye color to change from blue. Even with the whole 'naming a kit after it's pelt color' rule, a kit should be named after it's most obvious feature. If he has a kinky tail, tiny form, or a crooked paw, the kit should have a name like Crookedkit, Littlekit, Tinykit, or even Smallkit. However, we recommend that you try and stay away from naming it after size, or a crooked tail. The character grew larger. For those of you who read 'Bluestar's Prophecy', Tigerkit was really small at birth. However, when he grew older, he grew to a very large cat. Imagine if they named him 'Tinykit.' Wouldn't Tigerclaw loose all of his thunder? Tinyclaw. Nope. Not as threatening. Please, don't do this to your character. I'm sure they would hate you. Please also be aware that if you name your character 'Crookedkit' for his crooked tail, he would more likely than not be named 'Crookedtail.' There will be no mixing of the suffixes like 'Crookedstem' or 'Brokenheart.' (Brokenheart is also derogatory.) A kit will also never be named after their personality. A kit is a kit. It has not yet formed a personality, nor can it even speak. (Mewling does not count for this. However, you still won't name your character Mewlkit.) Also, a kits name should never come from an unusual situation. For example, you would name your character Badgerkit if they have a pelt similar to a badgers, not if while the queen is giving birth and a badger attacks the camp. This is unfair to the kit, and not really truly special to that character, nor does it represent that character. A name will also never be chosen because somebody in the clan thought it was cute. This also goes along with inappropriate names, such as Damnkit or Hellkit. A kit's name must also be to the point, and not jumping around the system. A kit will not be named Coldkit, even if it's grey, and you think of grey as bad weather, and bad weather can be cold. We will just not allow it. Kits can also not be named after fantasy such things. Examples include Dragonkit, Griffinkit, and Demonkit. Adding to that point, cats do not know what steel, jewels, or metals are, so you will not find an Emeraldkit, an Ironkit, or a Steelkit. Queens will not name after sacred things. This includes Starkit, Moonkit, Sunkit, Thunderkit, Windkit, Riverkit, Shadowkit, or Skykit.

How A Warrior Should Be Named (Suffix)
First off, a characters suffix should have a similar naming system as they did when they were a kit. However, now they can also be named after their personality. For example, if they are wild and unpredictable, they may be called Fawnstorm. However, if they don't have really outstanding personality traits, they will again be named after their pelt. Back to using the prefix Fawn-, if Fawn- was oh so boring and didn't really show special characteristics then she might be named Fawnfur after her fawn-like fur. (However, if you have this problem you probably did something wrong with your character's personality.) However, even if a character isn't boring, they may get a pelt/stripe/fur suffix if they just don't fit in any other type of suffix. A warrior's suffix will also not be degrading or insulting. A character with the prefix of Mouse will not be named Mousedung, Mousedung is used as an insult to warriors. When you give your characters a warrior name, the name shouldn't be really long name. (THERE IS A FIVE SYLLABUL LIMIT ON YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME.) Nightinggalewhispers is both nontraditional, and a mouthful to say/type. Don't be overly symbolic with your name. Say Mousedung, from earlier in the room, was a huge jerk and a waste of clan space, he still would not be named after an insult.

How To Make a Traditional Character (Personality)
Now, this also trails back to how to role play. Your character won't have special powers that will make them invincible and ninjas in fighting. Every character has faults, every character makes mistakes. Your character is not perfect, nor do they have to be totally bad either. A happy medium is good for newer role players. (If you would like an evil character, please contact an admin.) However, COW isn't telling you exactly how your character is like. In order to make a strong character, you should have special traits that make them unique. However, a character can also be unique by the mixing of traits. We all know the common 'loyal to the clan, would do anything for it' character. Your character can be like this, but maybe they should also have the inner struggle of secretly wanting to be in another clan, or maybe hating their leader. (As this isn't the perfect example, it is still a pretty decent sample.) In summary, make your character interesting, yet not overly perfect to the point of impossible.

How To Make a Traditional Character (Looks/Strengths and Weaknesses)
First off, there will be no characters that are green, blue, red, neon pink, neon yellow, pink, ect. They will be the typical characters you see in the books. You see grey pelts, brown pelts, calico pelts and tabby pelts. Let me set this straight. Pure white pelts are not common at all. Blue eyed cats are more likely to be deaf (depending upon how much white they have), and pure white cats with blue eyes are more prone to deafness and other health issues. This will hold them back from being a warrior. This leads to another topic. A blind/deaf/severely crippled cat will not be a warrior. Would you want a blind cat who can't see what they're doing fighting next to you? Jayfeather couldn't do it. Cinderpelt had to become a medicine cat because her leg was really messed up. OK. Now that that's cleared up: Strengths and weaknesses. We all know the lovable Firestar, and his amazing loyalty to his adopted clan; the kitty pet that became leader. Say Firestar's strength and loyalty were his strength characteristic. However, Firestar does have weaknesses. He always inwardly fought with himself to determine what was right or wrong verses what the warrior code said.
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Traditionalism on COW
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